RCF 010: John Saddington on Entrepreneurship | Creative Control | Pressgram

You won't find a more centred, genuine and curious entrepreneur than John Saddington. Also known as a blogger, artist, hacker and future venture capitalist, John openly shares his insights, struggles and passions on his daily blog.

I had the pleasure of speaking with John for over an hour to record this episode of the Remarkable Crowdfunding Toddcast. I've never felt so comfortable thrashing ideas and sharing my perspective as during this interview. 

Here is John's own bio from his website:

Why hello there. I’m John Lee Saddington; hacker, entrepreneur, and future venture capitalist.

I get involved in a lot of stuff because I have an insatiable curiosity for online technology, digital publishing, and entertainment.

Points of interest during this episode

10 mins - Do you know what many social networks have the right to do with your content?

14 mins - John's perspective on creative control and retaining the rights to what you publish.

26 mins - Entrepreneurship and product development (watch the video we talk about here)
 [Bonus points: continue to listen up to the 40 min mark]

42 mins - Pressgram and the Kickstarter journey.

Highlights from this episode

  • Pressgram was built for John. After rejecting Facebook and Instagram for sharing moments in his personal life, he set out to build an app that would restore full creative control of his content. Crowdfunding only became part of the picture to test whether other people would also value this app for their own lives. If it didn't get funded, it would have just been for John.
  • John shares his belief that you need to work on projects that you are deeply connected with. You cannot pretend to ignore the competition who appears to be doing the same thing as you, except they look nicer, they are faster, they received more funding etc.
    However you need to get back to why you started this project. It's very likely that your why is incredibly different to those other people you call competitors. Focus deep down to find the strength to pull through.

Links from the podcast




John's Youtube channel - http://www.youtube.com/user/johnsaddington

Remember why you started video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cVY3eU_vn5k

Most artists and creators are born into a world where they give up the right of creative control. They don’t know they are giving it up and are ok with it.
— John Saddington

John's final thoughts on your fans and followers

“As an Entrepreneur, your job is not to satisfy your current constituency. It’s not to entertain, maybe it’s to challenge them, but certainly not to pander or placate. Your role within the greater community and the economy is to push the bar down the road. To challenge the principles, the paradigms, the products that exist. And you can make the world a better place.”